Good Research

Necessary research is carried out first, to ensure our craft is the best possible.

User Friendly Design

We ensure a great user experience through user friendly design that caters for all kinds of users regardless of experience with apps.

Portable App Solutions

We have a reputation for finding means to avail ICT solutions to various clients regardless of constraints such as bandwidth, devices, platform, location etc.

High Standard Coding

We are a team of experts that constantly ensures that our design and coding standards are up-to-date, to maintain our rank as top players among some of the best software engineers the world has to offer.

Thorough Testing

We prioritise intense testing of our products by a exposing the finished piece of software to a rigorous and efficient testing process developed by MrScript Studio developers, either website or application. Expect a minimum to no bug concentration in our software solutions.

Lifetime Support & Updates

We offer lifetime support to our clients at very affordable fees at fixed subscriptions at intervals or on demand.

Everything Under One Roof

As a team of designers & developers in a network, expect all modules of a task you award us the opportunity to work on to be engineered entirely by MrScript Studio.

Live Support

We have a team ready to attend to any issues you might encounter with any of our products. Just contact us, we would be happy to hear from you and be of assistance.


We are a team of passionate and highly skilled developers, designers & expert technicians. With our detailed understanding of the latest technologies, our focus is to design and develop systems of the highest quality that enable our clients to communicate effectively and efficiently with their customers, suppliers and employees alike.

Programming & Scripting

We are highly proficient in the following programming languages and frameworks

AJAX Experts
Android Experts
Angular Experts
C# Experts
C++ Experts
Cordova Experts
CSS3 Experts
Electron for desktops Experts
HTML5 Experts
Ionic Experts
iOS Experts
JAVA Experts
jQuery Experts
Vanilla Javascript Experts
jQuery Mobile Experts
Javascript Experts
MySQL Experts
PHP Experts
VueJS Experts


We combine the best of our skills and ideas with tech to build great problem solving apps.

    We give you a competitive time frame in which your project can be completed without compromise in quality.
    Our experienced team will ensure that your requirements are well understood and met accordingly in the shortest time possible.
    We take pride in providing our clients with a high standard of service and competitive finished software.
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Products & Clients

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